Work I’ve done at academic institutions (theses, term papers).

The Guy Fawkes Effect: Wikileaks, Anonymous, and U.S. Policing of the Internet
2013 . Undergraduate Thesis. Barnard College (BA Political Science)
Keywords: hacktivism, Wikileaks, Anonymous, online activism, internet regulation, CFAA, anarchism, anonymity

Prison Abolition, Decarceration, and California’s Proposition 47
2016 . Masters Thesis . London School of Economics (MSc Political Sociology)
Keywords: prison abolition, prison reform, decarceration, California, incarceration policy

Should the Welfare State Be Replaced with Basic Income?
2016 . Term Paper . London School of Economics (Politics & Society)
Keywords: basic income, left-libertarianism, welfare state

Ghettoization, Disenfranchisement, and the Gang as a Substitute State
2016 . Term Paper . London School of Economics (Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies)
Keywords: state retreat, ghettos, ghettoization, gangs, race in the U.S.

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